Trimodal handling facility for Combined Transportation (CT)

Actual view trimodal terminal (stand 06-2016)

At bayernhafen Nürnberg, we invested in the construction of a trimodal handling facility for Combined Transportation (CT).

With the implementation of this high-performance facility, there emerged at bayernhafen Nürnberg one of the largest and most high-performance Combined Transportation handling facilities in the European inland. This facility guarantees a seamless handling of containers, exchange bridges and semitrailers between rail, road and water. Furthermore it facilitates further growth in container transportation and develops loading potential from the road to the more environmentally-friendly transportation carriers rail and water.  

The operating company TriCon Container-Terminal Nürnberg GmbH is responsible for the operation and the marketing of the CT handling facility. TriCon offers you efficient handling of containers, interchangeable containers and crane-suited semitrailers, as well as additional terminal service provisions.

Facts and figures of the CT handling facility

start up date:
1. module (trimodal) 2006
2. module (bimodal) 2009

capacity p. y.:
480.000 TEU rail - road
+ 53.000 TEU water

technical facilities:
4 cranes (max. capacity 41 t)
10 loading tracks each 700 m
2 storage tracks each 700 m
1 reach stacker (max. capacity 40 t)
1 port bassin with 116m length and 25 m broad

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