Rail facilities

bayernhafen Nürnberg provides tenants and customers with a performance-ready partially electrified port rail infrastructure with a signal box and a total of 54 km platform length. The railway infrastructure is, in the case of full trains, directly connected to the Deutsche Bahn long-distance network, as well as in the case of single-carriage transportation through the Nuremberg Railway Yard.  

Through extension measures to the Port Railway Station, full trains with a length of 700 m can drive in and out. Almost all of the real estates in the Western and Eastern part of bayernhafen, as well as all quay facilities have a rail connection to the port railway.

The bayernhafen Nürnberg platform network covers a total of 54 km in length. Therefore it has the third-largest public railway network in Bavaria. This infrastructure is increasingly taken advantage of by railway transport firms and shippers for eco-efficient rail-connected transport logistics. A total of 130 switches, a port signal box and the trimodal handling facility for Combined Transportation complete the performance-ready infrastructure.

Infrastructure Access Framework Agreement

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