Heavy goods handling

bayernhafen Nürnberg offers excellent facilities for the transshipment of goods weighing up to 1,250 tons. Constructed in 1972, the
roll-on/roll-off facility was the first of its kind at a European inland port. It makes it possible to load bulky, overlength and particularly heavy goods onto ships.

The range of heavy and outsized cargo consists mainly reactor parts, containers, crane parts, furnaces, equipment for the chemical industry, heaviest machines, dredgers and yachts as well as a variety of large transformers. Since the beginning of 2012, the entire system is supplemented by a strand jack system for transshipment up to 600 t.

Thanks to the availability of this system the customers save time and money. At a fixed and lit assembly area, appliances or construction parts that would exceed the light space profile of the railway or the road if they were in a ready-made condition, are put together directly before loading. Expensive assemblies in the receiving country are therefore avoided and the road network is freed from special transports.

For companies involved in large transformer and heavy machinery construction, which are located in the European Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, among other things, the location is decisive.

For the handling and marketing of the heavy cargo transfer site the Zuest & Bachmeier Project GmbH is responsible.

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In addition, you can contact our port master for any questions concerning handling goods in the bayernhafen Nürnberg and Roth.

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