Handling facilities

Extensive and gripping:

For the specific demands of different goods, from mass goods to bulk solids, heavy goods and containers, the trimodal infra- and suprastructure offers you a number of efficient handling solutions.

So we have at work at bayernhafen Nürnberg eight full gantry seesaw slewing cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons, which can also be put to work in twin handling. Due to their exchangeable grippers, they are ideally adapted to your project. For every type of goods, the suitable equipment (different grippers and corresponding slinging equipment) is used. Furthermore, the handling businesses established here offer conveyor facilities and downpipes. 

Handling facilities:

  • Full gantry seesaw slewing cranes connected to the railway with up to 40 tons lifting capacity: 8 items

  • Heavy goods handling area with heavy goods platform and strand jack system for loads of up to 600 tons: 1 item

  • Roll-on/Roll-off facility for loads of up to 1,250 tons: 1 item

  • Trimodal handling facility for Combined Transportation: 1 item

  • Reach stacker at the water module: 1 item

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