The goods pallet at bayernhafen Nürnberg ranges from the mass goods coal, ores, scrap metal, cement, used paper, wood, cereals, gravel, feed and fertiliser to highly valuable individual goods like transformers and industrial facilities. It also contains all consumer goods, as well as mineral oil products. For the rapid handling of mass goods, we have available, among others, eight full gantry seesaw slewing cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 40 tons. 

On an annual basis at bayernhafen Nürnberg, more than 16 million tons of goods are transported by inland ship, rail and trucks in 2009. For the various goods, there are different storage areas, such as, for example, silo facilities, oil tanks and the most modern warehouses.  

Furthermore, bayernhafen Nürnberg offers outstanding conditions for handling goods of up to 1,250 tons. The Roll-on/Roll-off facility, built in 1972, was the first in a European inland port. It facilitates the loading of bulky, extra-long and particularly heavy goods onto ships. The pallet of heavy and bulky goods covers above all reactor parts, containers, crane parts, melting ovens, apparatuses for the chemical industry, the heaviest machines, floating dredgers and yachts as well as many large transformers.

Since the beginning of year 2012 the facility is completed by a fully automated strand jack system. Thanks to the availability of this system the customers save time and money.

At a fixed and lit assembly area, appliances or construction parts that would exceed the light space profile of the railway or the road if they were in a ready-made condition, are put together directly before loading. Expensive assemblies in the receiving country are therefore avoided and the road network is freed from special transports.

For companies involved in large transformer and heavy machinery construction, which are located in Nuremberg, the location is decisive.

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