Diving exercise in port basin

Underwater police test emergency skills

Diving exercise in the port basin, recovery of a car

Nuremberg, 18.04.2018 – A team of 13 police divers belonging to the Rapid Reaction Unit practiced their skills an emergency on a gutted and cleaned car wreck in bayernhafen Nürnberg.

Five teams of two divers equipped with neoprene wetsuits and scuba tanks repeatedly plunged into the chilly waters of port basin 2 to recover a vehicle. With the aid of lifting bags and a truck-mounted crane, they succeeded in raising the 800-kg vehicle out of the water. Through a portable communications system, the divers maintained constant contact with the officers in charge on land, who gave them instructions on what they needed to do.

The operations were supported by a police officer who had received trainng as a paramedic as well as by a mobile medical aid unit.  “Our priority is to ensure the safety of our team at all times,” said Chief Constable Michael Kern, who supervised the training. The divers of the Technical Assignment Unit are deployed throughout Bavaria, and, where required, also throughout Germany.

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