1. Can you buy lots in the port?

No. In order to guarantee an ideal mix of sectors, use of the lots is only possible in the context of rental or hereditary rights contracts.

2. Which sectors may establish in the port?

Companies related to transportation with large volumes of goods, which are carried ideally by ship and rail. Such as, for example, logistics service providers, handling operations, shipping companies, transportation-related service provisions (tyre shops, petrol stations), wholesale, industry and production.

3. How high are the lot prices?

There are no sale prices. The rental or heritable building rights rates depend on the size of the area, the location, and the customisation. Please enquire about your desired lot at our lot department, where we will be happy to issue you with an offer.

4. What are the advantages of heritable building rights?

This is “time-limited property”, which is registered in the heritable constructions book for the agreed duration. Unlike a purchase, no means are necessary for the purchase of the lot, the heritable construction interest shall be charged every six months. The heritable construction area can – unlike the rental lot – be used for basic debts and mortgages (object insurance).

5. Can properties already in existence be rented?

Usually we give out only the lots – the respective buildings on the lot are to be dealt with by the contract partner or the investor. If so desired, we can help you with the rental/mediation of existing properties.

6. Do you offer port tours?

We are happy to carry out tours for schools, students, or other people interested in logistics, however you must bring your own bus at your cost.

7. Who carries out which type of handling?

If you have specific goods to handle, our competent tenants will be happy to take this on in the handling area. We would also be happy to provide you with the right contacts.

8. Where are their rail and shipping connections to?

Due to our trimodal handling facility for Combined Transportation, there are numerous rail connections with important logistics hubs in Germany and Europe.

9. Can only companies from the port use the factory canteen?

No, our factory canteen is not only for tenants and sub-letters of the port. Everyone is welcome here. Our opening hours and information on our offers can be found here. 

10. Are there fishing permits for bayernhafen Nürnberg?

Yes. If you would like to go fishing at bayernhafen Nürnberg, you will need one of our fishing permits for this. We differentiate between annual fishing permits and daily permit tickets. Both can be obtained from our fishing officers. For the annual permit there is, however, a waiting list, on which we are happy to insert your name.
Your contact: Mr. Thomas Mantel, responsible person for fishing, fon +49 911/64294-43, email: t.mantel@bayernhafen.de


11. Is there a dock for personal ships in Nuremberg? Where would I get information on the routes and the timetables of the ships?

The docking point for river cruise ships is directly in opposite of bayernhafen Nürnberg. Information on ships and their departure times etc. can be obtained from the side of Nuermberg here.


Your way to the dock of river Cruises here.



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