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At bayernhafen Nürnberg, there’s a lot going on.


  • With an annual handling service of more than 16 million tons by ship, rail and truck, bayernhafen Nürnberg is already today the largest and most significant multimodal goods transportation and logistic centre in Southern Germany. On a surface of 337 ha, 200 firms have established themselves here from the sectors distribution / transportation / handling / storage / packaging / recycling / industry / trade and logistical service provisions, offering a workplace to 6,700 people.
  • There are many different professional profiles to be found at these firms, from sales professions and technical professions to commercial jobs.
  • Many actors are involved in the port’s daily business and guarantee a seamless handling of a diverse range of goods.  
  • For example, inland ships sail in and out under various flags and countries of origin with the most varied goods and are loaded or unloaded with imposing crane facilities.  
  • Similar feats can be observed in rail transportation: Individual carriages bring oil, large rolls of paper or fertiliser and stones. In so-called Combined Transportation, containers are transported from and to the German sea ports or other goods transportation centres. In Combined Transportation (CT for short), goods are ordered in loading units in a transportation chain of at least two transportation carriers, whereby only the loading unit changes transportation carrier, without the goods having to be reloaded individually. For this, bayernhafen Nürnberg has a new high-performance handling facility, which loads the loading units with the most modern technology. (Link to CT-handling facility) 
  • The final metre to the customer usually takes place by truck within the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

So there’s a lot to discover!

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