Globalisation and the growing transportation of products

Due to globalisation trends, the international distribution of work, the structural effects of goods, etc., transportation of goods has grown apace in recent years. The majority of goods are transported with a truck from the distributor to the recipient. Not only traffic jams, noise and enormous environmental impact are the results, but also we have had to deal with deterioration in the quality of transport.

Sustainability and eco-efficient logistics

In the analysis of locations, for investors and new establishments, together with criteria that have been important up to now (location, price, high-qualified workforce, etc.), increasingly aspects of sustainability have become significant. Hafen Nürnberg-Roth GmbH sees itself as the management company of bayernhafen Nürnberg, and in the context of the bayernhafen Gruppe as a location architect that develops strategies across companies, invests in a highly efficient infrastructure and develops in close cooperation with the port residents’ new value-added potential. This is how its functionality and its performance as a logistics location and transportation hub for regional, European and worldwide exchange of goods is strengthened. At bayernhafen Nürnberg, a 337 ha surface is set aside, on which prominent sector leaders, as well as small to medium enterprises, have established themselves. A strategic management of the spaces guarantees a mix of sectors including transport, storage, logistics, disposal, service provision and production. With around 200 logistics companies and around 6,694 workers, bayernhafen Nürnberg has already today made its name as an important economic location in the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg and in Bavaria. This offers, furthermore, ideal preconditions for the development of eco-efficient logistics.

The tonnage proportion of the more environmentally-friendly transport carriers, rail and barge build upon this proportion in the future. Also the bundling function and the availability of extensive service provision on location contribute to the avoidance of traffic and therefore to the reduction of emissions.  

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